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Austin Restaurants Make the Cut: Southern Living’s Best Barbecue Spots

Salt Lick BBQ pit

Photo: Dane Sigua / Moment / Getty Images

Well, folks, you know you're living in strange times when the highlight of your week is a list about meat. But hey, not just any meat – we’re talking about the legendary Southern barbecue! And Southern Living, the Southern magazine for... well, living, has recently recognized a couple of Austin joints that are, apparently, more smoking than a nicotine addict in a dry county.

First off, hats off to Franklin Barbecue for snagging the 16th spot. Now, I've had the pleasure of eating there, and lemme tell ya, it's worth the wait. That is if you’re the type to consider standing in line for half a day a "pleasure". By the time you get to the front, you’ve made friends, lost friends, and considered whether that brisket is really worth your left kidney. But then, one bite and you remember, “Oh right, that's why I camped out like it was a Black Friday sale.” No DVD player is going to taste as good as that brisket.

Then there’s LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue, coming in at No. 26. These guys have been pushing the envelope on traditional 'cue for a while now. They're like the Picasso of the barbecue world. You show up expecting a regular painting, and you leave wondering why that cow's got three eyes. But somehow, it all makes sense when you taste it.

And hey, let's not forget the other Central Texas businesses that got a nod. Four of 'em! It's like the region’s having a BBQ renaissance. Or maybe it's always been that way, and folks are just now catching on. Kind of like how it took people a while to figure out that the mullet was, you know, not a great look.

So there you have it. Two of Austin's finest have made the cut in the BBQ big leagues. Or at least the Southern Living big leagues. Whether you agree with the list or not, there's no denying that Austin's got some of the best 'cue around. And if you disagree, well, that’s just more brisket for the rest of us.

Congratulations to all the recognized joints. And to those who didn't make it, don’t worry. There’s always next year. Or you can just send me free samples to sway my personal vote. Just a thought.

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