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Who Knew Straws Could Be So Spicy? TheTruth About Your Sipping Device!

Young woman drinking detox juice with straw on blue wall

Photo: Ridofranz / iStock / Getty Images

Well, well, well... It turns out those paper straws you've been choking on might not just be a hazard to your drink enjoyment. They might also be... kinda dangerous? I mean, I don’t want to alarm you, but - ALARM! ALARM!

Researchers in Europe (because, where else?) tested straws from 39 brands. That's right, 39! I didn’t even know there were that many brands of straws. I just thought there were two: the bendy ones and the ones that shame you for using them. And here's the zinger: 90% of those seemingly-innocent paper straws contained FOREVER CHEMICALS. And not the good kind of forever, like a never-ending pizza slice. No, the bad kind. The kind linked to things like... y'know, cancer.

They tested 20 different types of these paper drink conduits, and 18 were like, "Surprise! Got some of those forever chemicals for ya!" It's like when you expect a cake and get a fruitcake instead. It’s still cake, but is it, really?

But wait, there’s more! Before you go rallying against paper straws, they ALSO tested plastic ones. And oh boy, 75% of them raised their hands and said, "Yep, we got those chemicals too!" Bamboo straws? 80%. Even glass straws, which sound way fancier than they are, reported 40%. I guess they’re not just for clinking anymore.

In essence, these forever chemicals are like that one guy at the party who’s just EVERYWHERE. No matter where you go, there he is, talking about his gluten-free diet.

Still, there's a silver (or should I say, steel?) lining. None of the reusable STAINLESS STEEL straws tested positive. So, next time you’re thinking of sipping your iced chai latte, maybe opt for steel. It's like the superhero of straws, minus the cape and the brooding attitude.

Remember, folks, life is a bit like a straw - sometimes it's twisted, sometimes it’s straight, and sometimes it's loaded with chemicals you didn't ask for.

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