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Bob Barker: Almost Made It to 100 Without Going Over! A Legend Remembered

Bob Barker on the Set of "The Price is Right"

Photo: Kevin Fleming / The Image Bank Unreleased / Getty Images

Ah, Bob Barker! The guy who made us all dream about refrigerators and toasters, went out at 99. Now, some folks on the internet say he didn’t make it to 100 just to prove a point - never go over!

Remember when Bob used to handle that microphone longer than most of us have been alive? Yeah, he didn't just wake up one day hosting "The Price Is Right". First, he warmed up in radio for ten years. Then, he took a shot at hosting "Truth or Consequences". That gig went so well that he decided he needed another job, I guess, so he added "The Price Is Right" to the mix in 1972.

Speaking of jobs, ever get sucker-punched by Adam Sandler? Bob Barker did! And what did he get in return? An MTV Movie Award for best fight. Oh, and speaking of awards, he had 15 Emmys casually lying around, a Lifetime Achievement Award (because apparently, all those Emmys weren't enough acknowledgment), and got himself a fancy spot in the Television Hall of Fame. Overachiever much?

Now, Bob was a man of many talents, but he also had a soft spot for our furry friends. His famous call to action? “Have your pets spayed and neutered.” Oh, and he was that cool vegetarian guy before it was a thing. PETA even gave him a nod for being ahead of his time.

Adam Sandler poured out his heart, recalling the great times when Bob used to kick him around, but in the nicest way possible. And Drew Carey? Well, he's just trying to fill some really big shoes every day, reminiscing about the legend every chance he gets.

All in all, while the wheel has stopped spinning for Bob, his legacy is priceless.

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