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Texting Reactions Unraveled: Are You an 'LOL' Person?

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Photo: Tara Moore / Stone / Getty Images

Have you ever been mid-text and thought, "Gee, how do other folks react when something's hilarious over text?" No? Well, somebody did, and they took a poll. Because, you know, we've solved all the other problems in the world, so why not this one?

So, this ultra-important poll asked, "Hey, when someone tosses you a knee-slapper in a text, how do ya reply?" Here's what the good people said:

  • "LOL" got a nod from 33%. The classics never go out of style.
  • Emojis are king for 32%. Specifically, the one that looks like it had too much to drink and can't stop laughing.
  • "Haha" sits cozy at 12%. It's like the diet version of "LOL".
  • And then, there's the ever-so-creative 9% who go with, "That’s funny." They probably also comment "nice pic" on a sunset photo.

But wait, that mysterious 7% claim their go-to is "something else." They're the wildcards, dropping response gems like "snorted out my coffee" or "choked on a pretzel."

Men love telling people "That's funny" more than women. Maybe they say, "I recognize the humor, but I'm not committing to a full laugh." Women? They're letting those emojis do the talking.

And the seniors? Bless 'em. A large chunk of those 65 and up said they're "not sure" of their go-to response. But hey, at least they're out here trying and not sending us faxes.

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