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Have You Tried A Popcorn Cocktail?

Buttered Popcorn Texture

Photo: Getty Images

Popcorn cocktails are taking over.

Haswell Green’s, a cocktail bar in Manhattan’s Theater District, serves a “Silver Screen” made with toffee popcorn–washed bourbon, a cherry cola reduction, and bitters.

It’s also finished with a red-and-white striped cup of popcorn that’s clothespinned onto the glass.

At Deadshot in Portland, Oregon, the "Double Feature" is made with popcorn-infused rum, smoked cola syrup, and a clothespinned cone of popcorn.

Other popcorn drinks include a popcorn sour, a popcorn old fashioned, caramel corn shooters, and one corn-flavored cocktail recipe that even calls for a piece of charred corn on the cob and a dehydrated corn husk.

What weird cocktail do you like?

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