Judah And The Lion Recruit Kacey Musgraves For 'Pictures'

Judah & The Lion recruited Kacey Musgraves for their latest single, "Pictures." Unbeknownst to them, their collaborator would be a four-time GRAMMY winner by the song came out.

Accolades aside, the track is a beautifully heartbreaking ballad that deals with the topic of divorce and deceit. Singer Judah Akers trades verses and choruses with the country star before coming together in harmony to sing the gut-wrenching line: "And I hate that I'm taking our pictures off the wall."

Akers explained the song's origin in a statement, admitting it came to him when his family was coming apart at the seams.

“I had a really deep moment with my mom when she called me and broke down bawling about how hard it was to move from our family house,” He explained. “I wrote the song from her perspective and it came in a flood, in five minutes, right after the call. I needed to write it because I was heartsick."

Listen to the somber song below.


Pep Talks is slated for a May 3 release and will be accompanied by Pep Talks: An Intimate Album Listening and Storytelling Experience Presented by Judah & the Lion—an event spanning six cities through the month of April that features the band members telling stories behind the album and giving fans a chance to listen to the record before its release. Check out Judah & The Lion's official website for more info.

Photo: Getty Images


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